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About Us

Our goals:

Community Veterinary Care is a veterinary clinic with a specialized purpose: to help those who are absolutely unable to pay regular veterinary fees to care for their sick or injured pet. We understand that pets are very special gifts from God to man and that they are loyal and uniquely loved friends.

God has forgiven and loved us when we were undeserving and could offer nothing - this ministry was motivated by His unconditional love. It is our desire to make visible, in a small way, the love and light of Jesus Christ.

Our Doctor:

Our veterinarian is Dr. David Wolf, a 1972 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and an owner of a small animal hospital in Cobb county from 1978-2003. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in veterinary medicine and surgery and in addition, he knows well the scriptures and loves to help those seeking truth and help from God through His Word, the Bible.

Dr. Wolf is an elder at Community Bible Church in Kennesaw, where his focus is pastoral care. His work at Community Veterinary Care is seen as a ministry from this local church in cooperation with other like minded local churches in this area.

Dr. Wolf and an experienced animal technician examine and treat pets in a remodeled and professionally equipped mobile veterinary clinic which is typically stationed Saturdays at Community Bible Church, Kennesaw.