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CVC Details

1. We exist for a specific purpose and must prioritize our time to accomplish it. (please see “mission” and “goals”)

2. We are not an emergency clinic and we will not be able to do after hours veterinary care.

(Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic 770-424-9157; Cherokee Emergency Veterinary Clinic 678-238-0700)

3. Although our clinic will facilitate most medical and surgical situations, we are not a full service hospital. There will be some severe illnesses and injuries we may not be able to completely care for. In such cases, we may refer you to animal hospitals in the area who can help with overnight hospitalization, x-rays, ultrasound, and some other diagnostic or intensive treatment procedures (several local hospitals have expressed interest in helping by performing these procedures at reduced rates).

4. We will prioritize the most essential treatments and thus not typically be doing routine care such as nail trims, bathing, and preventative care - sick and injured pets will be our priority. We are not able to serve rescue groups or foster pet homes, only pets of individual owners.

5. Many clients are referred to us, but I am only able to see a very limited number of pets because of limited time. I will do my best to discern those cases which are most in need of our service. I hate to turn anyone down, but unfortunately, I will not be able to see many who contact us. I appreciate your understanding on this issue.

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