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Getting Started

How To Qualify:

Our clear priority is to serve those who absolutely cannot afford a needed medical or surgical treatment for their pet. Our clients are primarily those referred from local veterinary hospitals, humane societies, Christian ministries and churches in the area, and those who contact us directly and qualify. Those who are not referred will need to provide proof of need.

To apply for help, please fill out the form below.

Due to overwhelming respsone, we are unfortunately unable to help all those who contact us.


Email and Phone Number*


Number of Pets owned

Please give a brief description of your financial circumstances.

Please describe your pet's present problem

Utilizing Our Services:

As you can imagine, there is much more need than we are able meet due to time and financial constraints, so our main focus will be to serve widows, single moms, and others in the northern Cobb and southern Cherokee county areas who have no way of paying for a serious illness or injury in their pet.

In general, veterinary medical and surgical fees are high because of the rapidly escalating costs of medicines, equipment and supplies as well as qualified technician salaries. However, at CVC, although we occasionally give a very small amount of remuneration to surgical veterinary technicians, all of us are solely volunteers and we depend on donations from animal loving Christians to help us pay for the significant costs of medicines, supplies, mobile clinic repairs and gas, etc. Our comittment is to to keep our financial policy as follows for all genuinely needy clients: "pay what you are able and when you are able".

How The Process Works:

1. Fill out the application (above). 

2. I will let you know within a few days IF I am able to help.

3. I am sorry that I am simply unable to properly deal with injured stray or rescue animals or after hours emergencies. 

If you have an emergency with your pet, please call or go to:

Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic (770-424-9157) or

Cherokee Emergency Veterinary Clinic(678-238-0700).

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